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Main Benefits Of Facial Filling With Hyaluronic Acid 

Facial filling with hyaluronic acid is one of the most sought-after treatments for face rejuvenation today due to its many benefits, both in smoothing furrows and wrinkles and preventing the deepening of these marks.

The application takes an average of 30 minutes and must be performed by a trained medical professional, such as a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. The procedure can be performed on men and women and benefits patients over 30 years of age.

When To Perform Facial Filling?

Facial filling like Cheek Groove filling (ฟิ ล เลอ ร์ ร่อง แก้ม which is the term in Thai) for instance is a technique that can be used for different purposes. It is essential to talk to the plastic surgeon to clarify in which situations the procedure has more advantages and better results. However, the indications include:

  • facial furrows in regions such as the eyes, in the so-called “withered cheek” and also to treat the nasolabial fold known as the “Chinese mustache”;
  • facial filling to increase the volume of the cheekbones;
  • smoothing wrinkles;
  • treatment for dark circles, also called “deep eyes.”

Therefore, the treatment can be performed for different cases, presenting advantages over aesthetic treatments with hyaluronic acid in ointments and cosmetics.

What Are The Benefits Of Filling With Hyaluronic Acid?

The option for hyaluronic acid for aesthetic treatments is due to the substance’s ability to promote satisfactory results with low chances of rejection by the body. Among the benefits presented by the treatment, the following stand out:

hyaluronic acid has great water retention capacity, which makes the substance capable of promoting hydration in the applied region;

Because it is identical to the substance produced by the human body, hyaluronic acid has a low chance of being rejected by the body or causing allergies when used in aesthetic treatments. The natural production of the substance decreases with advancing age, but it is possible to replace it;

promote facial rejuvenation painlessly and with quick applications, which makes the treatment more accessible and practical;

improve the appearance of the face, reducing marks, wrinkles, and furrows that bother the patient;

increase the patient’s self-esteem and well-being by promoting an improvement in facial appearance and reducing marks that generate dissatisfaction;

it has a prolonged effect because, despite the reduced durability that can be, on average, 10 months for light wrinkle treatments, the application site has an improvement in the general appearance due to hydration;

presents a very natural result, preventing the patient from having the face in disharmony or with scars;

improves skin texture, promoting skin tone rejuvenation.

The various benefits promoted by treatment with hyaluronic acid make the use of the product so recurrent in aesthetic treatments, whether those with injectable procedures and cosmetics and oral supplements in pills.

However, the use of the substance for facial filling and rejuvenation should not be carried out without the indication of a specialist physician. In the case of application, knowledge of facial anatomy is essential to identify the exact points of application of the substance. The fact that it is painless and fast greatly influences the option for facial filling with hyaluronic acid, as it can bring very satisfactory results and does not require removal from daily activities or hospitalization.

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.