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Protein: A Key Building Block in Your Diet

Protein is something that most of us get in decent quantities in our lives, but we don’t spend a terrible amount of time thinking about it as it relates to our health. We focus so much on vitamins and minerals that protein can be left out in the rain. However, protein is a major fuel source for our bodies to function properly, and it helps us get the most out of our exercise routine.

Protein Makes You Feel Full

The feeling of fullness is critical to our diets. Many of us do not stop eating until we feel full, and that can lead to disastrous results for the body from a health perspective. The intake of so many calories and sugars due to constant snacking is not at all helpful.

Protein helps us feel full for longer periods, allowing us to reduce our caloric intake as we adjust to the fact that we feel relatively full.

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Protein Is Good for Our Muscles

Many people workout to build muscle and look their best. Protein is a major contributor to muscle growth—it’s literally what your muscles are primarily made out of. You need to eat an adequate amount of protein if you engage in any kind of exercise at all. This includes activities such as walking or cycling. You must have the protein intake you need to keep those muscles healthy and functioning properly for you day after day.

Boosted Metabolism

Have you ever heard someone say that they wish they could eat the way that they used to when they were growing up? What they are likely referring to is eating as much as they wanted without putting on weight. The younger version of themselves had a higher metabolism or ability to break down foods.

It is certainly possible to boost metabolism in adulthood by taking in the appropriate amount of protein and by avoiding sugary foods that drain energy. Consider focusing on those good proteins, and you will be just fine.

Muscle Recovery and Growth

As we mentioned, our muscles are primarily made out of protein, which means that protein is also great for the recovery and even growth of those muscles. Those who lift weights and do other exercises related to their muscle growth tend to intake a considerable amount of protein. This is not by mistake. They do so because they know that protein directly contributes to muscle growth and recovery, and they want to give their muscles all of the fuel that they need to grow like that.

Regularly consuming healthy amounts of protein means examining the best possible ways to grow muscle and make the most of your workout. It is yet another reason to stock up on protein and try to feature it more prominently in your overall diet.

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.