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7 Lessons You Can Learn From The Greeks When It Comes To Healthy Diet

The Greeks have been known to live healthy, long lives despite their delicious food. Even before the American obsession with a healthy diet, the Greeks have been living the dream. Below are ways you can eat like a Greek and benefit not just from the health benefits but also from the magnificent taste. You can also check out Towson area restaurants that apply the same dietary principles.

A salad is always a good start

Greeks always start off their meals with the freshest salads. They incorporate bright red, freshly picked tomatoes with their luscious greens. They are not afraid to experiment with their greens. They mix in nuts for taste and texture and their dressings are always light, tangy, and with minimally processed sugars. The result is amazing: a mix of vibrant and fresh flavors with accents of nuttiness and new flavors.

Keep meat lean

If you must eat meat, avoid red meat products. Serve beef, lambs, and pork on special occasions only. If you must serve them, make sure you use healthier, non-frying cooking methods. It’s good to invest in lean chicken cuts which could be incorporated into pasta and salads, and of course, seafood. These take a shorter time to cook, and they are also digested by the body better. You can get enough proteins without feeling guilty about cholesterol.

Lessen the process

If you can eat food raw and unprocessed, do so. This is why the vast majority of the Greek diet is composed of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid canned goods because these contain preservatives and too much salt. You don’t need to have your own vegetable garden but you can purchase products from organic producers who don’t use pesticides and too many chemicals in their farming methods.

Don’t fry

There are so many ways to cook your meat. If you are cooking vegetables, roasting is also a good option. Whatever you do, don’t deep fry it. It ruins the flavors and makes the food more toxic than it should be. Roast, oven beak, stew, or maybe even serve just fresh produce. If you are serving fresh seafood and you must stir fry, use healthy oils like olive oil and keep the amount to a minimum.

Get wholesome

Know your grains. You don’t have to stick with white pasta, white bread, and mashed potatoes. There are whole grain pasta and a wide variety of whole grains that could go well with your dish. This makes your dishes more filling, more full of fiber, and even more flavorful.

Know your origins

If you are purchasing food from Towson area restaurants, get to know its history. Where do they usually get their ingredients? What are the methods of cooking used? Are the seafood options the freshest? Are the vegetables fresh, frozen or canned?

Cheese on top

Cheese is a topping, not the main ingredient. While Greeks do love their cheese, they don’t over consume it. Their cheese of choice is also healthier. They prefer feta cheese. This has a lot less sodium and carbohydrates than its other cheese cousins.

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Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.