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Beginner Tips for choosing vape devices

Are you a first time user of vape devices? Take care of the below-listed aspects when you have decided to step into the vape world

Easy to fill tanks or prefilled disposable devices

  • Higher ohm coils
  • Pre-configured wattage
  • that does not need the display of vapes
  • Pre-constructed coils for ease of use
  • Remember to prime your coils perfectly
  • A small selection of atomizers for a hassle-free vaping experience

Priming the coils is a task that the beginner has to learn accurately. But is something that beginners overlook when filling their vape for the very first time. If your coil is not primed accurately, it could result in an overflowing of juice from the tank to the coil. And ultimately result in the cotton wick-burning without the e-juice soaked in it. This is commonly referred s a dry hit.

A dry hit is a prime reason when the e-juice gets too low before refilling or from not priming your coil before use. The dry hit from the harsh burned vape taste is due to dry hit.

To avoid the dry hit, all you have to do is drip the e-juice onto the coil of the device onto the airflow openings of the coil. And then wet the cotton in the middle of the coil with the e-juice. Ensure to do this several times so that the cotton gets saturated. When the cotton is nice and moist, attach the rest of the tank and enjoy the vaping. And this will avoid the dry hit.

In addition to the above process, let the tank sit with the juice and coil for a while so that it gets completely soaked with e-juice.  Also, try drawing the device without heating it to ensure the e-juice flows neatly. Though the process sounds difficult, the point remains the same. Ensure the coil and cotton wick is fully soaked with the e-juice. It helps to avoid the burning of these parts or resulting in a dry hit.

Remember that there are no universal coils that fit any tanks available in the market. This means that every tank is built differently, and the different tanks are compatible with different types of coils, though most of the manufacturers follow the same rule in making it.

Select the coils that are specifically designed for each type of tank. And the good news is that the tank manufacturer will provide more than one option of coils with different resistance or electrical measurements.

In other words, the resistance of the coil in the vape devices helps to determine how quickly the coil heats. For instance, The direct-lung vapers prefer to use the low resistance coils with 0.15ohms that will produce warmer vapour and larger clouds. On the other hand, high resistance coils can be used to produce a cooler vape. High resistance coils are the ideal choice for mouth-to-lung vapers and the beginner to use.

On that note, have checked the pocket-sized vuse pods are designed specially to get the best quality vaping experience. It is simple to use and refill with the Vuse e-liquid that you can purchase from any vape store.

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