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Best Natural Ways to Reduce Your Appetite

Natural Appetite Suppressants: The Best Ways to Eat Less & Lose ...

Excessive appetite can be a common problem for people going through emotional and stressful situations. As a result, it is not uncommon for those in alcohol or drug addiction recovery to develop new problematic behaviors in regards to unhealthy food consumption and weight gain. Whether you are trying to stop bad habits that are starting to develop or you are trying to prevent this problem, learning how to stifle your appetite will be a helpful life skill. Here are some of the best natural ways to reduce your appetite. 


Drink Lots of Water 

Drinking plenty of water not only keeps you hydrated, but also fills up your stomach. Making sure that you drink water or low calorie beverages throughout the day is a good way to reduce your hunger. In addition, drinking a glass of water before a meal can make you feel full for a longer amount of time. Staying hydrated has the added benefit of reducing nausea symptoms during an Austin drug detox as well. 


Eat Plenty of Fiber Rich Foods 

Foods that are rich in fiber have been proven to make you feel more full after a meal. These types of foods are typically very healthy as well, and they normally are high in vitamins and minerals. As a bonus, these fiber rich foods also are usually low in calories. 


Get Some Exercise 

Exercising typically balances hormones while getting you into shape. This has the potential to help reduce appetite, improve sleep cycles, and generally improve your mood. In addition, having an exercise routine promotes healthy eating, which often includes fiber and protein rich foods. Getting enough sleep and reducing stress and anxiety are other ways to reduce your appetite as well, so exercising is a great first step to take for making improvements in your eating habits. 


Work on Reducing Your Stress 

Stress eating is a very real thing. Eating comfort foods during emotional and stressful times is very common, but that does not mean that it is a healthy coping mechanism. Having an exercise routine, a reliable support system, and goals that you are working towards are healthy ways that reduce stress during addiction recovery. 


Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep can balance hormone levels in similar ways that exercise can. It also tends to reduce stress and make you more energized and productive during the day. In this way, getting a full night’s rest is another great and easy way to reduce your appetite. 


Eat Protein Rich Foods

Like fiber rich foods, foods that are high in protein also tend to reduce your appetite. Foods like eggs and lean meats are healthy ways that you can incorporate protein into your diet. It also decreases your chances for muscle loss, which is especially good for those with exercise plans. 


Eat Spicy Meals 

Eating spicy meals has been known to reduce the amount of food that you eat in one sitting, and it also tends to keep people full for longer. If you can handle the heat, this is a great extra preventative measure you can use to reduce your appetite. 

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.