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A healthy protein generated by partial hydrolysis of collagen in skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, etc. of pets. The short article of commerce may better define special needs for standards such as gel strength and restrictions of iron, lactose, calcium, or various other chemical or microbiological demands, such as needs worrying chosen pathogenic microorganisms consisting of Salmonella, Clostridium spp., Staphylococcus aureus, and mold spores. Details is asked for on the microbiological requirements below, which are tentative.


Flakes, sheets, or shreds, or rugged to great powder, fainty amber or yellow in color, the shade differing detailed according to the particle dimension and with a minor characteristic bouillon-like odor; steady in air when dry, but goes through microbial decomposition when moist or in service.


Stabilizer, emulsifying representative, gelling agent, crystallization prevention.


Insoluble in chilly water, yet softens and swells when engaged, progressively absorbing from 5-10 times its own weight of water; soluble in hot water, creating an edible gelatin on air conditioning; soluble in acetic acid; insoluble in ethanol, chloroform and ether.

Speed up formation. To a service, 1 in 100, add trinitrophenol TS or a remedy of potassium dichromate, 1 in 15, previously blended with regarding one-fourth its quantity of dilute hydrochloric acid: a yellow precipitate is formed.

To a solution, 1 in 100, include mercuric nitrate solution; a white precipitate is developed which establishes a brick red color on warming.

To a solution, 1 in 5,000, include tannic acid TS; the option becomes turbid. Advancement of ammonia. When heated with soft drink lime, ammonia is progressed.


Not more than 18%, 100-105o, 6 h, odor as well as water insoluble substances. A warm service, 1 in 40, is devoid of any kind of disagreeable smell; when seen in a layer 2 centimeters thick, shows not more than a small opalescence.

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