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Five Myths Surrounding Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Having underarm hair causes embarrassments not only when you put on sleeveless clothing but also because the area may have bad odor. If you are tired of shaving and waxing the underarm and recurrent hair growth, the laser is the best and a permanent solution to get rid of the trouble. It is natural to have hair in the underarm but people have several conceptions in their mind about the laser procedure. So, if the word laser makes you jittery, it is most likely due to the wrong concepts you harbor. One of the biggest myths people have about the laser procedure is that hair grows back again. The only exception is when hormones grow cause hair to grow on the face.

Results may not be immediate

Most people believe that the laser hair removal [กํา จัด ขน รักแร้, which is the term in Thai] procedure provides immediate results but the truth is that it deactivates the hair follicles and stop the growth. Although the hair growth stops permanently and does not come back again, it may grow on the face again due to the hormonal changes. You need to find out whether the procedure offers permanent results. Typically, the growth of the follicles stop in three stages and every hair follicle in the body has a different life cycle, so you may require a few sessions to stop the growth permanently.

Pain procedure

Another myth surrounding the laser procedure is that it hurts tremendously but the advanced machines used today for hair removal come with built-in cooling systems, so all you may experience is mild sensation. A slight and prickly sensation is all you may feel during the procedure. A far as laser hair removal is concerned, many people think that it is only for women. The truth is that both men and women may undergo the procedure with equal ease and get the benefits they need.

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