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How COVID-19 is Impacting Teens in 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adolescents | Hub

After so many months of being stuck at home and nowhere to go with friends and family, as well as not being able to attend school, many teens are feeling sad. Teenagers have their individual needs. At this point of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, they are feeling the need to be with their friends as soon as possible. 

Since it is their self-development stage, some teenagers are finding it hard to understand how the pandemic is affecting the world. 

Here are the major changes that are impacting their lives:

Missing Major Milestones

Many teens are grieving for high school experiences, such as playing sports, acting in plays, participating in dances, attending award ceremonies, etc. If you feel that you’re child is not being too vocal with you about their teenage requirements, you may consult online counseling Chicago to help them talk about their grief openly. 

Their losses may not seem too major in front of what adults are facing at work due to this crisis. But here, the situation is all about sticking together and work towards achieving a healthier and stronger family bond. 

Feeling Alone

While families are with children to provide them everything they require, teens also need their friends to share certain teenage problems. Through online teletherapy, children may open up more about missing their friends while learning how to thrive in such tough times. Even parents can share their past experiences with kids to help them understand that it’s just a phase of life that will pass soon. 

Unstructured Daily Routines

Since their routine of going to school, playing in the evening, and other activities are unstructured these days, the kids might feel confused or irritated every now or then. So, it’s best to help them maintain a routine even in this time of stress. For instance, you can set a proper routine for their exercise, eating healthy meals, sleeping on time, etc. All these things are essential for a healthy mindset if done on a proper schedule. 

Risky Behaviors

Teenagers may sometimes feel that coronavirus is not a big issue for them, as for the elderly. So, parents need to help them understand that even they may get infected by their friends and risk the lives of their grandparents at home. 

If you’re finding any difficultly interacting about the present situation with your child, you can consult a counselor to help them understand how critical the COVID-19 pandemic is. 

Child Counseling with Inner Voice

Farah Hussain Baig, InnerVoice Psychotherapist, Founder & CEO, works closely with her clients and try to use a strength-based approach to bring positive changes in their life. Following a therapeutic process, she helps her child clients understand the seriousness of a certain situation. 

Instead of giving lectures, she communicates in a much lively and interesting manner with kids. So, they can easily understand her viewpoint, as well as freely share their own opinions without any hesitation. The best thing about her approach is that she keeps on finding new ways to relate with others while forming positive strategies to attain an effective solution. 

Every child is facing their own set of concerns during the COVID-19 situation, so Baig has to come up with unique interventions to meet the individual needs of each child. She loves working with kids while helping them find out various ways to imbibe healthy behavior and health patterns to improve the overall quality of life. 

Consult InnerVoice PC therapists through Phone: 312.620.1420, Fax: 312.345.8444, or Email:

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