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How to Treat a Fracture

No matter if you are active or not, a fracture is pretty common. It can happen with anything as simple as lifting a heavy box or falling. They are common however there are multiple ways to treat one. The way a doctor would treat the injury would depend on a couple of factors. First, a doctor is going to assess your age, health, and medical history. Younger people tend to heal from injuries a lot faster. Then, a doctor will see how bad the fracture is. There is actually no difference between breaking a bone and a fracture. A fracture just refers to any crack in a bone. So, it could be a small crack that is barely visible on an x-ray or it could be a bone completely broken into pieces. The doctor will likely take an x-ray of the area to see how bad the break is. Lastly, a doctor will take into account the patient’s tolerance for pain, procedures and therapies, and the patient’s preference in treatment. From there, the doctor will find the best treatment. The four most common treatments are a splint or a cast to help the bone heal and re-align. Medication to control the pain for the patient. Traction which is holding the affected area in a certain way for it to heal. This is typically for severe cases if the patient has been hospitalized for multiple broken bones. Lastly, another form of treatment is surgery. Surgery is also only used in extreme cases.

Your doctor may even prescribe multiple treatments for one injury. Let’s use an example to demonstrate this. Let’s say McKay is mountain biking in Saratoga Springs when he flips over the handlebars. When McKay lands, he tries to catch himself with his hands which lead to a small break in his wrist. McKay goes to a trusted doctor like Advanced Sports and Orthopedics in Saratoga Springs to be treated. First, the doctor finds that McKay is a young and active 22-year-old. The doctor also notes that McKay has a high pain tolerance with a minor break. With that information, the doctor will likely choose to give McKay a splint. Since McKay is active, the doctor wants to make sure that his patient will further break the bone until it heals all the way. Plus, it was a small break meaning that McKay did not need more intense treatment. Ultimately, a treatment plan will vary depending on your situation. Reach out to a licensed medical professional with any questions.

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