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Personal Hygiene Aids For Old Folks

The bathroom is not only an extremely important place for daily life, but also a place of great danger for aging people. You can slip while washing and there are many other ways to injure yourself. For this reason, numerous aids have been developed for the bathroom. Auxiliatus introduces you to the most important ones.

Toilet Aids

Toilet aids are all aids that give people the opportunity to use the toilet more easily, better or more independently. This includes a large number of different products, starting with bedpans, toilet chairs, raised toilet seats, toilets with showers or built-in lift, to toilet armrests and toilet backrests.

Bathtub Inserts & Bathtub Seats

Bathtub inserts are aids that are integrated directly into the bathtub, often fixed with suction cups. They serve to facilitate the bathing process and reduce the length of the tub, which helps both when getting in and when washing inside the bathtub. Bathtub seats have a similar function, but they are designated seating areas that are especially designed for people who can no longer lie in the tub. Bathtub seats come in many different designs and can either be placed directly in the tub or attached to the sides, depending on your needs and individual situation.

Lift Systems For The Bathroom

There are also various lift systems for the bathroom, which give people with limited physical abilities the opportunity to take a full bath in the bathtub. Lift systems for the bathtub come in different designs, for example as inflatable cushions, as complete systems, including a seat, or as a cloth lifter.

Handles, Supports And Lifting Aids

Handles, safety handles, lifting aids and supports of all kinds are inseparable from a barrier-free bathroom. The various aids serve to make life easier and give the bathroom users additional security. It is important that the various handles are always stably mounted and are only attached where the building structure can guarantee safe use.

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