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Save the Hair with Derma Roller Scalp Hair Loss

Hair Fall is a bothering problem and cannot be ignored. But now no more hair loss as the best device for the treatment of hair has evolved with numerous benefits that will protect your hair. We are talking about Derma Roller Scalp Hair Loss. Your friendly tool for all your hair problems. We can easily do our hair treatment at home with a derma rolling procedure.

What is Derma Roller Scalp Hair Loss?

Derma Roller is an excellent hair treatment to regulate hair loss and regrow new hair. Its a cylindrical-shaped handheld device that rolls on your hair and tackles hair loss. Derma Roller is covered with tiny needles and when you implement derma roller on your scalp, these needles prick the skin and create small holes.

The roller causes small wounds in the dermal layers of the skin and pierces it deeply to enhance the circulation and results in the production of new cells leading to the growth of hair.

How does Derma Roller work for scalp hair loss?

When derma roller is rolled on the scalp and creates small injuries. The body responds to these injuries by subjecting the affected area to healing and injury-healing and inflammatory particles, inducing the scalp to grow new hair.

It is fruitful in increasing ‘skin cell proliferation and thus preventing hair loss. Well, Derma Roller works effectively in multiplying the skin cells, it doesn’t damage the scalp, the device just penetrates deep enough into the scalp to stimulate the proliferation of skin cells and fulfill the healing process.

Derma Roller in the healing process assists in increasing the blood flow in the scalp and transports the essential nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. It also increases the production of collagen resulting in strong and thick hair. Secondly, when the needles of the derma roller create holes, it allows the topicals and oils to reach the hair follicles and increase their absorption, and causes hair to reap its benefits.

How to Use Derma Roller Scalp Hair Loss?

  1. Clean the derma roller and make it bacteria-free by sterilizing it in the alcohol solution
  2. Wash the hair with effective shampoo to remove the dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells accumulated inside the hair
  3. Brush the hair with a wide-tooth comb to make the hair free of knots
  4. Start the derma rolling procedure by dividing the hair into sections to implement the derma rolling procedure effectively
  5. Cover every section by running the derma roller in all the directions-horizontal, vertical and diagonal
  6. Make 8-10 passes in each direction to get the desired change, after derma rolling apply the few drops of topicals or oil for increased absorption.
  7. After the whole treatment clean the derma roller once again by soaking it in the alcohol-based solution. Leave it to dry for some time and put it back in the storage case or box.

Best Derma Roller Scalp Hair Loss

Gin Amber Beauty0.75 mm Derma Roller- Hair Growth

Gin Amber Beauty-1.0 mm Derma Roller- Treatment for hair growth and hair loss prevention

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