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Some Comparisons of Babbel Vs Duolingo

Learning new language is very easy to do nowadays. It is not totally necessary to find tutors when someone wants to learn new language or sharpen their skills in language. There are language learning apps that will provide necessary services and access to learn language. The apps can provide many tools to learn and enrich vocabularies. There are also options to learn pronunciation and conversation. There are still more features that can be found in the apps. Among those apps, Babbel and Duolingo are the famous ones.

There are many users of Babbel and Duolingo. However, these two are different apps and of course they have different benefits and features for the users. That is why it is important to know the babbel vs duolingo to get the best app with suitable services. To make comparisons, there are some aspects to check. One of them is its language coverage. Each app has different numbers of language that can be learned. In this case, Babble provides up to 14 languages that can be learnt and while Duolingo can provide services to handle up to 34 languages. In this aspect, Duolingo is more superior.

Next, it is about the price. In this case, price will become one of the main considerations since it will be great when the users can use free access so they do not need to spend their money to use the app. It will be more convenient to use with the free access. In this case, Duolingo is still more superior since it offers the free access. However, Babbel requires users to pay and there are different packages with different prices to get the services in using the app.

Since it is about learning app, teaching technique will become the concern since it is what users will use. In this case, Duolingo provides training method for the word acquisition and enrichment. There will be tests to check the understanding of users. This seems simple but it is one of the most effective ways to learn new words since test and immediate feedback will be so useful. Then, Babbel is quite different since it offers structured approach. With the structured approach, word, phrases, and sentences can be learned easily and it is more comprehensive than the ones offered by Duolingo.

In term of focus, both apps have some differences. Babbel has focus in speaking skills. It is true that users will learn tenses, sentence structures, and words but these will be directed to help users to practice the speaking skills more comprehensively. That is why pronunciation will get the attention. Meanwhile, Duolingo focuses on grammar and vocabulary. It may seem like the app focuses on the basic and passive skills that will help users to know how to write and make sentences systematically. Since it has different focuses, it is important for users to choose the most specific point depending on what they need to learn since each user will have different concern regarding their learning target. Of course, other aspects should also be included into consideration since those play important role in the use of app to learn language. 

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