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Understanding Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an addictive chemical substance that is found in an Asian opium poppy plant. It originates from the seed pods of this plant. When this substance enters the brain, it binds to the opioid receptors and is converted to morphine. With heroin, you experience a rush greater than that experienced with any other drug because the targeted receptors are associated with reward and pain.


The Feeling you Get from Using Heroin

In addition to the euphoria brought about by abusing heroin, it decreases pain and anxiety that you may be experiencing. It results in you feeling detached from people and the world, which is detrimental if you are severely depressed.

What is Heroin Addiction?

Heroin addiction is the heavy reliance that an individual may have on heroin to function. People find a lot of different reasons to get high on heroin. Addicts of heroin preach the substances powers to make them feel better. The first time an addict gets high, they experience the best high of all. The problem and heroin addiction arises because they cannot and will never be able to experience that initial high. This is what typically leads to overdoses because people use more and more chasing the feeling of their first high.

Street Heroin

Another scary thought when it comes to heroin is that when purchased from the street, it is usually diluted into or “cut” with other substances. This can include:

• Starch.
• Sugar.
• Powdered milk.
• Other drugs.

The worst thing that heroin can be cut with is fentanyl. This is another painkiller but compared to morphine, it is 50 times more powerful. When drugs are bought on the street, the user doesn’t know exactly what they are ingesting or how much of something is in the drug. This makes it easier to overdose or worse, die.  The reality of fatalities caused by heroin addiction is good enough a reason for an addict to get help for heroin addiction.

Injecting Heroin

The greatest high of heroin can be experienced when it is injected into the veins. This brings more risks including spreading disease through used needles. Heroin can also be used through the following methods:

• Snorting.
• Smoking.
• Orally ingesting.
• Suppository.

Regardless of how heroin is used, it is highly addictive and very hard to quit. Although the heroin addiction recovery statistics may not be comforting, there is still some hope and a chance to make a full recovery.


Withdrawing from Heroin

The symptoms that an addict will experience when withdrawing from heroin are excruciating. If one suddenly quits taking heroin, they may experience the following:

• Muscle and bone aches.
• High anxiety.
• Insomnia.
• Irritability and agitation.
• Nausea.
• Vomiting.

When an addict goes cold turkey and begins to go through the detox process, the pain gets so bad, and they may end up abusing the drug again. Therefore, it is important to get help for heroin addiction at a drug rehab treatment center. Being managed and guided by a team that has expertise on how to beat heroin addiction will be of great benefit to addicts. They can help you medically detox and help you in overcoming heroin addiction. Professionally assisted heroin addiction recovery is a journey that helps you to manage and tolerate your withdrawal symptoms.

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