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Understanding How CBN Can Help You Get the Best Sleep

Sleep disorders, such as insomnia, are becoming prevalent nowadays. There are many reasons why people are having trouble falling asleep, such as stress and gadgets. However, like many problems, this one has a solution. It’s called CBN, which is also a milder drug like CBD. It’s also a cannabinoid compound found in the cannabis plant. Additionally, it doesn’t make you feel high because it doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties as THC (another compound found in cannabis). But if you’re looking for CBN FOR SALE, you can find several companies selling them in oil form. But what are its benefits when it comes to sleep? Find out here.

How is CBN Different from CBD?

Even though CBD and CBN are cannabinoid compounds derived from a cannabis plant, they have different effects. For example, CBN is the most sedative out of all the compounds found in cannabis. Most importantly, it has been recently found from a decomposed THC. Furthermore, cannabinoids can be classified as Broad vs. Narrow. CBD is considered Broad because it does a great job at addressing general inflammation. On the other hand, CBN is narrow since it’s very specific and contributes a lot to sleep and reduces anxiety. With it targetting sleep, it has a great potential of being a sleep aid.

Doesn’t Make You “High”

As mentioned above, CBN is found in decomposed THC. However, that doesn’t mean CBN can make you high. In fact, it’s a mild compound that doesn’t make you high. That’s because CBN is its own molecule, so it’s far different from THC. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any psychoactive compound that could create a mind-altering event or something that could create a positive drug screening result.

CBD & Its Potential as a Sleep Aid

Even though research about CBN is in its early stages, researchers have noted that it has tons of potential as a sleeping aid. However, further study is required to know if that’s true. According to professionals, it has something to do with terpenes. Since cannabis has hundreds of compounds, they work in synergy to provide marijuana its medicinal properties. And this process is called the entourage effect. You may have heard of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum, which are also related to terpenes. It will explain both CBD and CBN’s medicinal effects. Furthermore, this shows that certain terpenes can assist in relaxation and sleep.

What About Melatonin & CBN?

Melatonin is another hyped supplement that people use to get better sleep. But if you combine both melatonin and CBN, it can give an even better sleep-inducing effect. Our bodies create little amounts of melatonin naturally, and taking large doses of synthetic ones can create adverse effects. However, CBN also contains little melatonin and can emulate how the body naturally produces it. Combine small doses of melatonin and CBN, and the result is an excellent sleeping pill for those who don’t want to experience the harmful effects of taking large amounts of melatonin. It won’t give you a hangover effect after waking up, which is a plus for users.

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