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What Patients Receive Through Alternative Treatment Plans

Addiction is an illness that affects the mind and creates new neuropathways in the brain. Drugs and alcohol damage the body and make the individual unhealthy. If the individual doesn’t get professional health, their life is at risk. Reviewing what patients can expect through alternative treatment plans shows patients that non-traditional methods are available to them.

Immediate Gym Passes and Access to Better Equipment

Immediate gym passes and access to better equipment allows patients to get started with their new diet and exercise programs. Exercise is a vital part of the recovery program and increases the release of feel-good hormones. Addiction causes the release of feel-good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, according to how much of the substance the individual uses. Exercise is a healthy way to re-establish the balance of the hormone levels and lower the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

A Chance to Unwind and Have Fun in the Local Area

The patients get a chance to unwind and have fun in the local area during their stay at the treatment program. The local region provides patients with opportunities such as swimming and water sports. The city has several attractions of interest that could give the patients a wonderful chance to explore the sights without derailing their sobriety. Reviewing the local attractions and what to do in the area gives the patients an opportunity to explore a new area and leave their problems behind for a few hours. Patients who want to learn more about drug rehab in Portsmouth and opportunities in the local region contact a counselor now.

Comfortable Guest Rooms

Since the facility isn’t a traditional rehabilitation center, the patients receive a private bedroom in the house that gives them plenty of space to recover and live independently. The patients can bring any of their belongings with them to the facility such as their phones and laptop. They get to rest in a comfortable bed in a stylish room. It gives the patients all the creature comforts of home without compromising. The patients can bring their own blankets if it will make them more comfortable and decorate their room however they choose. They also have access to a private bathroom and the property has a kitchen for meals. It is a more relaxed environment for the patients to recover and work through their problems with their counselor.

A Smaller Rehab Environment

The smaller rehab environment gives the patients more one-on-one time with counselors, and they don’t feel overwhelmed if they choose to participate in group therapy. Fewer patients participate in the program at a time, and the patients won’t feel like they are crowded in the facility. It provides a more comfortable and friendly environment for patients who want a more private experience.

Addiction affects the body and mind. It creates damaging effects on the body and causes permanent issues for some individuals. The total time in which the individual uses drugs or alcohol defines how much damage occurs. Patients who want to learn more about the programs contact a counselor for more information now.

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