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What to Expect from Rehab Birmingham Centers?

We all know that misuse of alcohol and illicit drugs can lead to addiction. If it goes overboard, then the intervention of experts is the only option. Though there are many rehab centers out there, not all are equal in their services.

You need to know what you can expect from rehab Birmingham centers to find the best one for you or your loved one. It is difficult for substance-addicted people to withdraw from it. They need the best treatment and support to prevent dangerous conditions like seizures, hallucinations, anxiety or even death. Here are some of the services and support provided by the best rehab services in the UK.

Detox to Clear Toxins

Any addiction rehabilitation should start with detoxing to remove any toxic substance from the body of the person. Withdrawal symptoms can make life uncomfortable for them. Hence, it is necessary to get the body detoxed under proper medical supervision. It is better to opt for rehabs offering on-site detoxing as it is safe and convenient. The detoxing period may vary from 5 to 8 days. This depends on the substance used by the individual, intensity of addiction, etc. After detox, the patient will be ready for the inpatient program offered by the rehabs.

Individual Counseling 

The addict needs to get counseling from a trained therapist or counselor to come out of the habit they were following. Through the counseling, the patient will be able to understand what the triggers for their substance use are and how to avoid such behavior in the future. Counseling also gives the therapist insight into the behavioral patterns of the patient, personal history, severity of the addiction, etc. This will help them to decide what therapy to use to make them recover from addiction.

Family Counseling or Therapy

Addiction rehabilitation cannot be successful without the support of the family of the addict. Addiction behavior of a person affects the entire family. They too might need therapy to cope up with the changes in the behavior of the addicted person. Most of the reputed rehab Birmingham facilities include family therapy in their rehab program. This is done so that the person gets complete support from the family during the program and even after it. The therapy educates the family about the possible causes and triggers for the addict. It provides the right guidance to cope with and to help the addicted person.

Specialized Therapies

When it comes to alcohol addiction treatment, each individual is different. They need specific treatments to overcome the problem. The alcohol addicts need to manage their stress, anger, frustration, etc., to have a peaceful and sober life. You need to select the rehab Birmingham centers capable of providing specialized workshops or therapies for individuals requiring such assistance. The common special therapies offered by certified rehabs include:

  • Meditation to relieve stress.
  • Skills training for better living.
  • Education on addiction and recovery.
  • Nutrition course for healthy eating and to reduce cravings.
  • Exercise and fitness to improve physical and mental health.
  • Art and music therapy to calm the mind.

Apart from these, some of the rehabs also offer various other activities and therapies. Most of the rehabs offer aftercare programs to individuals to help them maintain their routines and new habits.

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