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4 Reasons to Buy Cannabis from a Dispensary

Let’s face it. Yes, medical cannabis is legal in Missouri, but the marijuana black market is not going away any time soon. Even in California, the largest legal weed market on the globe, where cannabis is legal for all adults, black market operations are still thriving.

However, if you have a Missouri medical marijuana card, you’ll choose where to buy your medicine. That’s a choice to buy legal marijuana from a licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensary or continuing to buy weed from a local dealer.

Yes, buying marijuana outside a licensed dispensary is illegal and may land you in prison. Besides this, there are several reasons why you should buy your Medical Marijuanafrom a licensed clinic.

  1. Recreational Marijuana is Still Illegal

It’s the truth. When the Senate passed the medical marijuana bill –to legalize the use of CBD oil, nothing in that Bill called for legalizing marijuana in Missouri. The subsequent Bill 491 was enacted to reduce penalties for certain cannabis offenses.

For instance, the bill eliminated the threat of jail time for first offenders who possess up to 10 grams of cannabis. It also reduced the penalties relating to the sale and cultivation of cannabis in the country.

Although having medical marijuana may protect you from being arrested, it comes with certain conditions like where you can buy cannabis, how much to buy, how to transport it, and so on.

And yes, if you act centrally to the law, you can still be arrested, prosecuted, and fined for possession of a controlled substance.

  1. Buying Illegal Marijuana Supports Criminals

Yes, black market marijuana is illegal in Missouri. Therefore, buying it on the black market only encourages violent crimes.

Yes, some products may be coming from small-scale farmers, other products may be from a cartel with blood-stained hands. Instead of buying illicit cannabis and supporting these heinous criminals, check here and See Missouri licensed dispensaries where you can place your order.

  1. Protection of Your Privacy

Another attractive feature of weed dispensaries is how discreet the entire process of ordering is. Buying medical marijuana is a personal matter that you may not be ready to share with the world, especially the nosy neighbors.

That’s where licensed weed dispensaries come to play. You can spend your time checking through different products without worrying about being asked too many questions. Further, most dispensaries have a nifty way of packaging the products in a way that doesn’t raise suspicion from surrounding neighbors.

  1. Reduces Your Health Risks

Illegal weed growers don’t have any legal incentive to use safe herbicides and pesticides. In the same breath, they don’t have an economic incentive to ensure they’re selling a product that’s safe for human consumption.

However, all the products sold in legal dispensaries are grown under strict regulations. Even then, the product goes through lab testing procedures to ensure it is free of molds, toxins, and contaminants.


Hopefully, these four reasons combined give you enough incentive to look for a reputable dispensary to buy your medical marijuana. With this, you can be sure of its success, protect your health, and reduce violent crime.

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.