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Justifying the Popularity of Cheek Groove Filler

Cheek Fillers: How They Work, What They Can Do, and What to Expect

The various signs of aging include the prominence of the mid-cheek groove that imparts a tired look on the face. This linear depression divides the anterior cheek obliquely into the nasolabial and malar segments. Successful correction of the mid-cheek groove will aid in bringing certain topographical changes like sagging, flattening, or grooving. The Cheek Groove Filler [ฟิ เลอ ร์ ร่อง แก้ม, which is the term in Thai] has thus become a popular technique to achieve the better appearance. The professionals will inject the fillers first in the deep fat compartments and then into the superficial fat compartments.

Increasing effectivity

The application of filler is a highly sophisticated procedure where the cosmetologist will apply the filler simultaneously into the deep and the superficial fat compartments. The superficial fat compartments lie directly underneath the linear depression, which is the mid-cheek groove. Application of the Cheek Groove Filler will stimulate the increase in the anterior projection of your midface and improves the transition between the lateral and anterior cheek regions. The filler injection is successful in decreasing the accentuation of the mid-cheek groove that occurs as a result of ptosis in the superficial fat compartments. 

The final word

It is quite natural that people are now all set to avail themselves of this procedure. These fillers are harmless as the injection contains a particular concentration of the substance that is already present in the human body. Unless the cosmetologist plans the combination of other chemicals for associated correction, you don’t have any risk from the procedure. Also, the liquid won’t drift to some other location due to the execution of the procedure. It ensures that the enhancement will be only at the location that the cosmetologist detects as the target. So look better with less prominent grooves. 

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