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Weed dispensary Calgary Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

Mops Coffeeshop - Cannabis Store (Warsaw) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You GoWhen you visit a cannabis dispensary, you’re likely to come across a lot of information about different strains of marijuana and CBD-based products. The more you know about what these things are and how they work, the easier it will be for you to make an informed decision. So before you go into any weed dispensary or pot shop, take some time to do some research on your own—the better prepared you are going into your first experience shopping for marijuana products, the better off your experience is going to be!

What’s Your Buying Style

The first step to your cannabis shopping experience is deciding how you want to buy. There are many different ways to purchase cannabis, from pre-rolls and flower, to edibles and topicals.

If you’re new to the world of recreational marijuana, it can be overwhelming trying to pick a purchasing method that suits your needs. Luckily for us, there are plenty of weed dispensaries with helpful staff members who can guide us through the process of figuring out what kind of buyer we are so that our first time buying weed goes smoothly.

If you’re planning on visiting a Weed dispensary Calgary, it’s important to be prepared. Like any other business, most dispensaries require that you have an ID card (or some proof of age) so that they can verify that you’re over 21 years old. However, not all states allow for the legal sale of recreational marijuana! If yours does, keep reading for tips on what to do before hitting up your local weed dispensary.

  • Check the hours and make sure they’re open when it’s convenient for you
  • Bring cash – many dispensaries only accept cash payment right now because credit card companies still don’t want anything to do with cannabis sales
  • Make sure there is ample parking available at the location and don’t park in handicapped spots or anywhere else where it would be illegal or frowned upon (for example: not in front of someone’s house)

Do Your Research On The Cannabis Strain You Want

Research the strain you want to buy. It’s best to do some research on the effects of the cannabis strain you’re interested in before visiting a dispensary. This will help you know how it can affect your health, whether there are any side effects, and what it may be useful for. If you have medical issues or conditions that might be helped by cannabis, then go through the list of strains that are recommended for those specific diagnoses and see if any look appealing!


In the end, cannabis dispensaries are a great resource for information. The more you know about them and how to use them, the better prepared you’ll be for your first visit. Do your research before visiting a cannabis dispensary. Make a list of questions to ask the budtender (ask about their selection, strains available and options for consuming). Plan ahead for your first visit by researching what products will work best for you on Google or in other literature. When it comes time to choose products, make sure that you have everything ready so that nothing gets rushed—this is not just any other shopping trip!


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