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What are the Advantages of Eye Enhancement Surgical Procedure?

So, what are the benefits of medial epicanthoplasty [เปิดหัวตา, which is the term in Thai]?

Epicanthoplasty can:

Lower the distance between your inner canthal, which helps make the eyes appear farther apart, a suitable range between the inner canthal is a 1:1 proportion.

Subject the medial half of your eyes to make your eyes appear brighter as well as bigger.

Lower the median half of your eye folds up to lower creases in your eyes to make you look less exhausted.

Change the medial canthus in a median instruction, as well as upwards, so your eyes show up less inclined.

Epicanthoplasty can likewise aid to address an exhausted look and equilibrium the total look of your face.

What is an Excellent Prospect for Epicanthoplasty?

So, how do you know if epicanthoplasty is appropriate for you? You’re a good prospect for epicanthoplasty if you:

Desire to enhance the general appearance of your eyes.

Wish to have larger eyes; however, want to maintain your ethnic functions.

Have strong epicanthal folds up that concession the look of your eye form.

Have undertaken or strategized to go through double eyelid surgery to enhance your appearance better.

To be an excellent prospect for epicanthoplasty, you also need to have excellent total health and wellness. If you’re a cigarette smoker, you’ll need to discontinue smoking cigarettes three weeks prior as well as three weeks after surgical treatment. This is due to the fact that cigarette smoking can hinder your body’s capability to fully recuperate.


As we mentioned previously, there are two different kinds of epicanthoplasty: Medial, as well as Lateral.

  • Medial Epicanthoplasty

Medial epicanthoplasty focuses on the eye’s internal corner. Throughout the procedure, your surgeon will take off several of the excess fold to better expose the median section of your eye. This aids the eyes to appear bigger as well as more open. It can also help to correct eyes that are slanted.

  • Lateral Epicanthoplasty

Lateral epicanthoplasty, contrarily, addresses the outer part of the eye. Throughout the treatment, your surgeon will lengthen your eye and decrease the slant to make your eyes show up less weary and saggy.

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