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Which is best health checkup packages? What does it include?

Have you heard about senior health screening? Senior health screening is a type of health screening available for senior citizens. This is considered as one of the best health checkup packages available because it includes almost everything. This type of package is specifically designed for the senior citizens. In this package, they offer a full body checkup, which means a thorough medical investigation on the body. You can easily get this package at any clinic or nearby hospitals. You would need to make an appointment first before you go for the checkup. So, what is so special about this checkup? Why is it considered as one of the best health checkup packages in the world? Continue reading to know more about what are included in the checkup.

  1. Consultation

After you have booked your appointment, you are given a date where you need to come again for the consultation. Consultation is the first process for any health checkup. The aim is to know about your health background. It also acts as a scanning mechanism for any possible diseases. Your doctor might ask you some questions regarding your health such as your current disease, current medication, medical history, family history, social life and also your lifestyle. Based on these questions, they will decide on your next examination by concluding some possible diagnosis if any.

  1. Physical examination

The second part of the health checkup includes a physical examination. As the name suggests, this is an examination that focuses on your body. Your doctor suggests some checks on your body in a particular order. Some of these include checks on the abdomen, chest, head, vision, legs and other parts of the body that they think are necessary. Besides, they will also do some checks on a specific area such as genitals or your back if they think that your disease might be related to that area.

  1. Laboratory test

If your physical examinations are normal, then you are good to go because that condition implies that you have a good overall health. However, if your doctor found something that is not ordinary, then you might need to undergo some tests. The aim for these tests are to check and confirm any prior diagnosis. There are a lot of sample types that your doctor required for you. For example, the most common one is the blood sample. If your doctor requires your blood sample for testing, then you are needed to undergo a small procedure known as blood taking procedure. This is the most common procedure in the medical world. Do not worry because it is just a minor procedure, requires only a short amount of time and is not painful at all.

  1. Result

After your doctor sends your samples to the laboratory for testing purposes, this marks an end to the health checkup process. Your doctor will talk to you about their conclusion based on all these examinations. If your health is in a good condition and nothing wrong with all the examinations, then your doctor will conclude that you are a healthy guy. However, if you require a test in order to prove a diagnosis, then your doctor will ask you to wait for the result. He or she will tell you to come again after the result is released. You will be given a date to come again or your doctor may ask you to go home first and he will give a call if the result comes out. No matter what the results are, your health is very important and you always need to take care of it in the best possible manner.

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